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       Jiangyin Changjiang Fire-resistance Material Plant is situated at Jiangyin Littoral Economic Development Zone where
  the industrial economy is developing by leaps and bounds. With RMB40 million of total assets, including RMB25 million of
  fixed assets, the Company has a staff of over 480 among which various specialized technical personnel exceed 60. It
  provides fire-resistance material as supporting products for domestic large and middle metallurgy enterprises, such as
  China Bao Steel, Jiangyin Xingcheng, Shagang Group, Ma'anshan Steel Plant, Wujin Zhongtian Steel Plant and Wuxi Steel
  Plant. Besides, it has also continuously won honor titles such as “National Standard Conformity Unit” and “Quality Trustful
  Brand”for many years.
         Along with the growing of corporate scale, the Company is capable of developing the first batch of drum-type washer
  balance weight blocks for the home appliance subsidiary of SIEMENS, which put an end to the history of importing such
  parts from overseas in that company. After over 9 years, the Company currently produces nearly 20 models of various
  balance weight rings and blocks according to the continuous development and updating of SIEMENS washers. Thanks to
  its superior quality, continuous innovation and high-grade service, the Company has provided Electrolux, taly, LG and
  SAMSUNG, Korea, with supporting balance weight blocks since 2003. We have won clients' trust through fast, high quality
  and efficient R & D, strong after-market service and constant and reliable quality performance on long-time basis. The
  Company has reached a new starting point for further progress in quality assurance through ISO9001-2000 Quality
  Certification in 2002. The post-2005 estimated output of supporting products will be as follows: over 400,000 sets of
  drum-type washer balance weight parts for SIEMENS, 800,000 sets s for LG, 30,000 sets for Electrolux Hunan, and
  400,000 sets for SAMSUNG (iron casting). At present, the Company has already become the largest production base with
  relative comprehensive capability and technology to supply supporting solutions to brand products.
        Changnai Carton Packing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, has introduced a corrugated paperboard line from
  a Sino-Japan joint venture with a total investment amounting to RMB6 million. As the technology-intensive and leading
  product line of the same kind in China, this product line is capable of producing, with constant quality, 60,000 to 80,000
  square meter of 3, 5 and 7-ply corrugated paper board daily, 30 million square meter annually, and 3.5 million square
  meter of corrugated carton annually.The Company serves all carton packing manufacturers and users in East China in
  this aspect. We undertake to provideour clients with constant quality on long-term basis, predominant price and
  satisfactory service and to seek joint development with our clients through sincere cooperation.
        We own three 400-newton press machines, four 315-newton press machines, two 200-newton press machines,
  eight 160-newton press machines, six 70-newton press machines, three product lines of raw martial grinder, 12 blending
  machines, 3 electric furnace kilns, three 120 square meter steam drying rooms and own balance block casting mould
  assets amounting to over RMB1.6 million. We manage to satisfy client's requirements for various parts as far as possible
  in the aspects of production capacity, technical criteria and quality by adopting machine pressing, casting and vibration
  formingmethodologies, and guarantee the normal production requirement under the low emperature conditions of winter

with the steam maintenance technology.

        With an occupying area of 1.1 hectare and more than 30,000 square meter of standard facilities and warehouse, the
  Company is capable of satisfying the further production capacity expansion since the balance weight blocks consumes
  large space. In addition, it can ensure the delivery as per quality, capacity and time required by clients by multiple 5, 10 and
  20 T logistic trucks.
        With the aim of “existing with quality and developing with good faith”, the Company devotes itself to create client value.
  Cordially welcome your visits, advices and joint development!
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